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Why Does Yummzy Exist?

The word Yummzy itself means when something is too delicious you can’t just call it yum or yummy, it’s Yummzy! 

What is Yummzy?

Yummzy is the UK's  first and only rated gourmet bakery offering unique low carb, vegan, keto, sugar free, gluten free, organic and high protein desserts.  We don’t use any yeast, we don’t use any preservatives, no bulking agents, no artificial colours, no nasty ingredients or cheap sweeteners (no maltitol). All the ingredients we use are considered very healthy, keto compliant, mostly organic and the highest quality you can get on the UK's market. 

Why Yummzy?

Being a Type 1 diabetic meant my whole life I had to look at the amount of carbohydrates I was eating; I tried to reduce the amount of carbohydrates - it’s one thing enjoying a regular cake and suffering the effects of that down the line, as they say “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”  or even worse, a moment on the lips, a lifetime of complications and everything else. There was a need for creating something  that was low carb and sugar free; at the same time, my husband couldn’t have gluten therefore we had to come up with something that is also gluten free. My cousin is coeliac so we had to come up with something that is also coeliac friendly, with absolutely no risk of contamination… Then came our friend who is also vegan so suddenly we couldn’t use any other ingredients that contain eggs or dairy products. Then the friend who only ate gourmet and would not compromise on taste - Yummzy was born!

Most existing products trying to combine even just two of the things we listed above (low carb, vegan, gluten free, high protein, organic, ketogenic) tasted either like cardboard or saw dust, too sweet, dry or bad texture. This is where Yummzy came in and this why we were rated officially gourmet. All our products fit all these categories, they are sinfully tasty, yet guiltless. All our products  come transparent, you will have all the ingredients listed, all the dietary breakdown of the nutritional side and if you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them.

Consider us excited every time we hear from you! :) We promise you products that are clean, products that are tested and tried especially by us, products that are transparent that you don’t have to worry about feeding yourself, your children or anyone in your family (unless they have nut allergies) and products that are decadent and hand crafted one by one to satisfy you with indulgence in every bite.

We have many diverse products within Yummzy. You can enjoy some of our keto bread - fantastic taste and texture. You can enjoy some of our pizza bases which means you get to be creative at home, we also have many cupcake options. They come in different flavours, some of them come with hearts - that is what we had been rated gourmet on. We also have our brownies with a couple variations. You can choose to order one item of each or you can subscribe to your favourites so you don’t need to worry every month about remembering to order and you get to benefit from free delivery and discount for your loyalty. You can choose to get yourself a Yumtella (our absolute favourite) or a subscription to it.  

We look forward to serving you soon!