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You are here, you are here, you finally found us & we will bring a smile of satisfaction to your face! By joining us and purchasing our products, you have joined the revolution against sugars, unhealthy, over-glutenised & over-preserved foods - you have joined a movement Jolie & Adrian (founders) strongly believe in, which promotes Low-carb, Sugar Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan & delicious living!

 “Having had strict dietary requirements from a young age and learning about nutrition, I have only been disappointed every time I heard of a sugar free ice-cream or dessert that was actually infested with fructose or honey or coconut sugar or dates or other forms of carbs that would become glucose in the body – just as sugar would! Even low carb, high protein drinks and balls came with serious lies. Real Low sugar and low carb options existed but were rare, had other nasty ingredients, overpriced and the taste was compromised (or like cardboard) but the craving and scarcity made them the most delicious option available!

 I took 1 of our irresistible family recipes and revolutionized it. After many, MANY, (MANY) trials the first low carb cake was born! But wait, how could my lactose intolerant, protein loving husband or vegan friends enjoy that cake? I made sure the cakes were all vegan! Then came my coeliac cousin - surely grain free means coeliac friendly?! No; we had to make sure all was perfect for everyone! Just as we were enjoying the cake, a sugar-addicted friend arrived and critiqued the cake. Now, we had to perfect all bakes to not only be sugar free, low carb, and vegan; but also gluten free, high protein and scrumptious, yet safe even for a child to enjoy. Voila… the very first cake that can truly be enjoyed by everyone was born - INCLUSIVE, just as meals and family times should be!”


We Put your Health & Nutrition at the Heart of Our Business

With diabetes and obesity becoming the fastest growing health threats, stress and lifestyle causing more people to develop intolerances and requiring special diets; it only seemed natural to come up with something that those with special dietary requirements or health-conscious individuals like us can enjoy, without compromise and fits with the hectic city lifestyle - Yummzy!


Our promise to you; all Yummzy indulgences are:

Transparent; easy labelling of the product to allow you to make conscious and informed choices rather than mislead you into a false sense of security

Genuine; a true duty of care and desire to deliver a product that is fit for you

Accessible; to provide a range that caters to tastes and is comparable to the markets core brands. Only the highest quality ingredients have been used to make each product and we do not compromise on that.

In a rush? Grab a sinfully tasty ice-cream/ dessert/ savoury/ drink; all low carb, vegan and gluten free. It’s guilt-free – you deserve it!

Have a sweet (low-carb) day & a healthy life ahead =)

Social & Corporate Responsibilities:

At Yummzy, we care.

Our care extends beyond all the above… Yummzy loves our planet and understands that we only have 1 (for now); hence, not only do we care about the environmental aspect of it, but we enjoy every interaction and opportunity we get to give back. To do that, we’ve implemented a few things to make the world a better place… Yummzy style. 

One Tree Planted: we are on a mission to reforest the word, create jobs and a source of income for the communities that most need it. We partnered with One Tree Planted and for every review we receive or for every new subscription; we plant a tree with them. Help us reforest the world 1 tree at a time!

Polar Bear Friendly:   We always aim for all our packaging to be biodegradable and made from recycled content. We also go the extra mile by offering a 40p discount for any beverage served in a reusable Yummzy travel mug or 20p for reusing your own mug or tupperware. Yup, we do our bit to save every polar bear we can!

 We Love Charity Events:   Know of a charity event where you would like Yummzy to be there with our scrumptious products? Please give us a shout and we will offer generous donations for the charity event and much more

 All OK?:   As a small family business, we care about what you think and ways we can improve. If you have any bright ideas, things you think we can change or improve; please let one of our Yummziers know. They and you would get rewarded for ideas that are implemented!

 Pay it Forward (Pay for a Friend) - Cafe:   Enjoyed that beverage or cake you regularly get and wished someone less privileged could enjoy a taste of it? Fear not - next time you are paying for your slice of cake or warm drink, ask our Yummzier to “Pay for a Friend”. What does that mean? It means you will pay for double the amount and our Yummzier will stick a paper behind them on the board to show that someone less privileged can come and have that beverage for free (and s/he removes the paper from the board when the beverage has been taken)

Fido Friendly- Cafe:   No man is an Island, and who’s a better friend than Fido?! Not only are well behaved dogs welcome in Yummzy, please let them enjoy a treat on the house when you order your hooman treat.


Jolie & Adrian