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We’re so glad you found us.

Yummzy is on a heartfelt mission to tackle an unhealthy dependence on lazy sugars, stodgy gluten and overly-processed foods, by actively championing a nutritionally, well-balanced low carb, sugar, gluten-free, clean food agenda.

Your health & nutrition is at the heart of our business.

 ‘Having had a strict dietary regime from a young age to tackle my type 1 diabetes, it was vital that I gained a deep-rooted appreciation of good nutrition.  Unfortunately, every time my hopes were raised by the unearthing of a sublime, sugar-free ice cream or dessert, they were quickly extinguished by the discovery of fructose, honey, dates, coconut sugar, maltitol or any other number of debilitating sugars that would quickly turn to glucose in the body or sweeteners that would negatively impact the gut.

Genuine low sugar and low carb offerings do exist but are in desperate short supply, too often weighed down with inferior ingredients or compromised by poor taste, poor ingredients that work against our long-term health and unacceptable price points.’

Taking one of the family’s favourite recipes as a handy starting point, I (Jolie) set about making a cake that would appease both my body and taste buds.  Naturally, there were wrong turns and dead ends along the way, in time Yummzy’s first low carb and keto cake was born.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the cakes were then perfected by us (Adrian and I) to be vegan, lactose-friendly, gluten free, FODMAP friendly and protein-rich. It satisfied our unique needs, nutritional and taste desires.

With diabetes and obesity spiraling out of control in today’s increasingly hectic stress-laden times, it was inevitable that growing numbers of us would develop debilitating intolerances that require special diets or consider cleaner, more organic options.


We promise:

Transparency & easy labeling of our products, this allows you to make conscious, well-informed choices.

To be genuine & carry a heartfelt duty of care to deliver a product that is right for you.

To be accessible & inclusive, we aim to provide a range that caters to modern tastes and in keeping with current food trends. Only best-in-class ingredients have been used to make our range.

All the taste, none of the fuss.


Have a sweet (yet ketogenic) day & a healthy life ahead!

With love, Jolie & Adrian.