All of our products are low in carbohydrates, keto, with no added sugar (refined or unrefined), gluten free (coeliac friendly), vegan, yeast free and high in protein.


Once you place an order; we need a minimum of 2 days to prepare it; sometimes, we might be able to prepare it sooner, if not, please wait for our confirmation of delivery date. It will usually be communicated within 2 working day and be delivered within 5 working days. For full customised cakes, we need 3 days.

London Pickup - Free
If the order will be picked up, we will contact you to agree a date and time that works for both as it is a free pickup but we still need to make it achievable for the team member delivering it to the pickup point. Main pickup Location is: Neama Cafe, 19 Cuba Street, Isle of Dogs, London, E14 8LD. Pickup orders still need to be placed days in advance to allow preparation. Neama is independent from Yummzy; so the staff will not be able to answer questions, so-please ask us directly. Please also check their opening times on Google. 

London (within M25) - £10
North of the Thames – Tuesdays (evening)
South of the Thames – Thursdays (evening)
For any other days' deliveries, please contact us on Social media or email, as it will be charged differently.

Please note: 
We will communicate when your order will be delivered; hence, please make sure we have the correct information. We will not be leaving our amazing treats on the floor nor will we be able to redeliver if no one is answering at the time of delivery. Please also note, our delivery price pays a fair wage to all those dealing with your order from the moment you place it to the moment it is delivered and we pay extra on top. Thank you for understanding.

Nationwide £10 (if order will be more than 15kg, please contact us before placing order)
Dispatched: Tuesday and arrives Wednesday.

Please Please note: 
We tried many couriers for delivery and found our current courier (UPS) to offer the best and most reliable service. As we package everything in the best way possible (while being polar bear friendly) and as deliveries are made by a third party, we cannot be responsible for their work, nor if you are not at the address at the time of delivery.

All our baked products stay nice in the fridge for days and can be frozen for weeks. The trick to keep them fresh and fluffy - even after days in the fridge or freezing is to cling film the box or products themselves.

Do you offer bulk discounts & accept stockists? 
Yes we do; it is all calculated as extras with any order above 24 items. So, if you ordered 24 items; expect more! Would you like even bigger orders or for us to supply you? Please don't be shy to contact us if you believe we will be a good fit.

What flours do you use?
All of our products contain gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein almond flour and some with a touch of coconut flour.

What milks do you use?
All of our products use plant based milks and ingredients.

What natural sweetener do you use?
All of our products are sweetened with Stevia or Stevia and Erythritol.

Are your products Organic?
We strive to use only organic ingredients; so over 95% of our ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. We do the hard work; so you can enjoy a nutritionally and consciously clean treat/ snack/ savory/ dessert/ cake/ cupcake/ muffin/ bread!

How low carb are your products and are they suitable for a Ketogenic diet?
All of our products contain less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. Unless our product contains fruit (which will be obvious from its look) they are suitable for a strict Ketogenic diet and very gentle on a diabetic’s glucose levels compare to other products.

Do your products contain Gluten?
We do not use gluten and none of our products have gluten containing ingredients (we specifically buy those with no risk of contamination). All our products are created, baked and decorated in a kitchen that does not handle Gluten or Glutened ingredients.

Are your products suitable for nut allergy sufferers?
We handle almond flour on our premises. Most of our cakes contain almond flour and some contain other nuts. While we have nut free options; there is high risk of contamination due to the fact we handle nuts in our kitchen.

Do you use preservatives and artificial colours?
No. All our products are flavoured and coloured with natural ingredients. Colours we use include hibiscus, turmeric, blue and green spirulina, matcha, pitaya and more.