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Our top seven Keto businesses in the UK

According to Webmd, “Ketogenic” is a term for a low-carb, high fat diet (LCHF) many compare it to the Atkins diet but focusing more on fat rather than protein.

The idea is for you to get more calories from healthy fat and less from carbohydrates pushing the body into Ketosis, where it uses fat as its source of energy. You cut back the most on carbs that are easy to digest, like sugar, soda, pastries, white bread, rice etc. 

Starting and maintaining a new diet plan or lifestyle can be difficult and even intimidating; but it doesn’t have to be. In alphabetic order, here is a list of restaurants or websites offering keto products in the UK: 

- Deliciously Guilt Free is a UK low carb and keto bakery delivering a wide selection of brownies to your door. This business is owned and operated by the amazing couple Basma and Dan; beautiful people inside out =).  


- Green Chef - The UK’s 1st Keto Recipe Box. Great for anyone who wants to do a keto diet but doesn’t have the time to plan ahead or make ingredient lists. Green Chef delivers delicious, nutritionist-approved keto recipes, so eating keto couldn't be simpler.

You receive a box of quality ingredients and simple cooking instructions for tasty new recipes every week. Most dinners are ready in 30 minutes or less.


- Keto Mania UK -  Ketomania is a project born out of the mindset of people on “restrictive” diets like Keto, Paleo or LCHF. Every “Ketomaniac” understands the frustration that comes with trying to find places and products that suit this unique lifestyle. Hence the idea to collect all of the places and products and put them under one roof. 

If you run a restaurant, offer keto-friendly dishes or products, or produce/ distribute luxury food products without preservatives and enhancers – let them know as they will be happy to put your products and services in their webshop!


My Keto Shop UK - All your confectionary, convenient and long life Keto foods in 1 store. They have a big range of American Keto products; finally, no more trying to hunt down international keto products to succeed in your Keto lifestyle!

Shipping offered to the UK, Europe, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates. You can go ahead and place your order with them if you live in one of these countries.


- My Protein - is a well known protein brand operating not just in the UK but internationally. Shop their range of high-quality supplements to support your ketogenic diet or lifestyle, or any diet that may rely on a high amount of fats, a moderate protein and minimal levels of carbohydrates. Their range of keto diet snacks are a perfect addition to help you reach your goals and some are also vegan.


Sweet Keto - Their motto is Keto & Low Carb Eating without Cheating! Looking for keto cake, keto goodies and keto desserts? Sweeto Keto promises keto friendly, low carb, gluten free, grain free (please ask them about contamination if very sensitive to gluten and wheat) and sugar free treats products for anyone following a ketogenic or low carb lifestyle.


Sugar Free by Marta -  Offers low-carb, no added sugar and keto friendly cakes and bread. Marta’s baked goods are freshly made to order and delivered to your door. ‘Sugarfree by Marta’ is her artisan bakery which offers a range of keto, low-carb, sugar free, paleo and diabetes friendly cakes and breads. If you want to know more about this keto bakery, don’t hesitate to visit their website. 


-The Keto Restaurant - Is a fully sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb restaurant & bakery. If you’re looking for a ketogenic meal in a beautiful set up, make a reservation on their website or find them @ 77A Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith. They specialise in new meals, bread ,cakes, cookies and other desserts, paired with low carbs & zero sugar drinks and coffee, making healthy living easier for all. As they always say: Live, love keto! :)


- Yummzy - UK's first (London) Gourmet, Keto, Low Carb, Sugar free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Protein & Yeast free desserts, cake, cupcakes, Bread, savouries, treats, snacks & ice creams. Yummzy (us) have won many awards for taste including when competing in non alternative or free from categories. The harshest with ingredients (all vegan, mostly organic and only clean ingredients), never use Maltitol, lab tested nutritional values & shelf life - all ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. Sinfully tasty but guiltless; even to the environment! Wide selection still offered online until back on the high street! Yummzy also offers subscriptions with free delivery;  you'll always look forward to your box!


Please note; all the information shared on this post has been obtained from the websites of the businesses. If you plan to visit or order; please visit their FAQ or ask them directly specially if allergen related.