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Free From Food Awards

Good news is our favorite thing to share, so let's do it again! 

We'd like to share news about a product you love. Some of you have tried this product at the Keto Festival (held in Shoreditch, on Brick Lane) and have fallen in love with it while others might have tried it when we were in the high street and have been buying it since! Do you know what we are talking about yet?  

Without any fake modesty, we know it’s mouth watering, guilt free & fear free of any nasty sweeteners (no maltitol & aspartame). Since we respect you, our customers, we use only the highest quality ingredients and organic whenever possible. It goes without saying that this is vegan, ketogenic, diabetic friendly & probably the best chocolate & hazelnut spread you will ever try - Yumtella. 

In response to your feedback over the years, we worked to perfect the recipe for Yumtella. There, I said, Yumtella was the product this article is about. As Yumtella is shelf-ready, we entered it into the FFFA competition. Asda, Tesco, Miller's, and many other well-established brands also participated in the FFFA. 

In the presenter’s words - 

 “ The silver went to Yummzy, with Yumtella. Indulgent hazelnut chocolate spread, a health positive version of a very naughty product. The judges couldn’t believe that it had no added sugar and they loved its crunchiness both at room temperature & straight from the fridge.” 

Link to the video here - FFFA Specialty Foods Category Winners | Yumtella

Someone needs to tell the judges that our Yumtella mineral values are not only there; but also impressive!

Yumtella has been classed as high (over 30% NRV) in the following minerals (percentage of Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)):

Copper (123%)

Iron (56.9%)

Magnesium (53%)

Phosphorus (47%)

Potassium (39%)

And a source (exceeding 15% NRV) of:

Manganese (18.5%)

Zinc (17.7%)

And shy on Calcium which came at 13%

… basically; it has most of the minerals you lack in a modern day diet. So, tasty and gourmet as the judges said - but also full of mineral and raw cacao goodness!

Have you tried Yumtella yet?

Link to yumtella on the website here -