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Can I Eat Pizza on a Keto Diet ?

We have good and bad news for you. I will leave the good news for later! 


The first answer to “Can I eat pizza in keto diet?” is no. That answer is valid if you look no further than most supermarkets and restaurants offer. Most (if not all) available choices in restaurants and supermarkets are very high in carbohydrates. They are usually made using regular or gluten free flour which means they have approximately 70g of carbohydrates per 100.  


If you are on this page, you might already know that the Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, good source of protein and low carbohydrates diet, therefore pizza is a no no. 


Just so you can have an idea I am going to give you an example: If you want to have a slice from a regular pizza, that could be your allowance for the day in terms of total carbohydrates recommended for a strict Keto diet and not much nutrients will be there to sustain you for the day!


Ok, enough with the bad news. Here is some good news for you: did you know that Yummzy has a pizza base that is keto friendly, gluten free, sugar free, vegan and organic? Oh, and doesn’t smell or taste of eggs or dairy! Probably the best pizza of its kind in London, even if we say so ourselves!


You can order your Yummzy ketogenic pizza base by clicking here! 

 Here is a video we made to show you one way to “dough it yourself” ! 

 Yes, You Can Eat Pizza On A Ketogenic Diet | Ep. 22 


Let us know in the comment section below if you have other ways to prepare this pizza.

The Yummzy Team